The Dental Research Foundation is a non profit collection of privately and publicly funded research projects.  It is also catalogue of peer conducted dental research papers.  In addition to having modern and current research the, library also holds many historically and famous dental studies.

We are represented by the members in the group, and we meet annually to commemorate the Dentists who have given their time and attention to these journals.  We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we are comprised of some of the very best general and specialist dentists.

The Dental Research Foundation also holds a yearly Charitable event.  We have an annual Nicaraguan dental trip that we do every year, to to help serve the underserved areas of Central America.  We also have a volunteer program where dentists can offer pro bono services, and other charitable services.


Nicaraguan Trip

Every year in September the club sends 10 volunteers to the southern part of the city of Managua.  This is a annual humanitarian trip, where we aim to provide free dental care to the cities population.  The dental care mainly consist of cleanings, small fillings and the occational extraction.  We feel like a little goes a long way in this area.  To find more please visit our Nicaraguan page.

The Weston Price awards.

Every year we give out a variety of dentists the Weston Price award.  It is a award that is granted to a dentist who have contributed to our site, a unique and innovative dental journal or project.  The award recognizes the dentist’s contribution to the site and also to the field of dentistry.  More information and a list of the previous winner of this award can be found on the Weston Price award page.